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Smart reporting and analytics
Slow reporting systems and multiple data sources make it difficult to access the data you need. Mostly you end up with a CSV or Excel extract, just like your colleagues and it becomes quickly difficult to keep track of changes and updates. Geniefacts helps you to pull in data from different data sources without changing anything to your existing infrastructure.
  • Combine data from sales, marketing and other business units without help from IT
  • Connect only once to the data you need, and no longer wait on your colleagues for the latest update
  • Eliminate the learning curve of working across multiple reporting tools
  • Discover data anomalies and prepare your data for better analysis
  • Standardize different definitions or descriptions of metrics and attributes
No longer suffer from a backlog of reporting requests, with Geniefacts you can create an unlimited number of reports any time you want. Easily create customized dashboards for colleagues or stakeholders based on their role and responsibility in your company.
  • Organize, format or customize your charts and widgets to create the exact report you need for yourself or your audience
  • Automatically update reports and entire dashboards as new data comes in
  • Monitor KPIs and ratios with our library of interactive visualizations
  • Create benchmark to compare internal and external metrics
A lot of productive time is lost on meetings to collect data and review reports. Boring presentations and endless meeting minutes only make it harder to act on the key takeaways. Now you can keep the discussion where it matters and present insights and analytics where you made them.
  • Never risk making the same analysis or report again, keep track of who is working on what
  • Allow your colleagues to build, re-use or view your work by providing the access they need
  • Geniefacts' interface is made in HTML5 which makes it accessible on smartphones and tablets, ideal for viewing dashboards on the go
Surveys and market research
Pulling in data from survey tools results in different spreadsheets which become difficult to manage. Many surveys also need a codebook to label questions individually. With many questions, often in different languages, this becomes a complicated task. Geniefacts helps you collect and transform data from different types of questionnaire designs, bringing it easily together into a single dataset you can analyze.
  • Consolidate Excel files with data from surveys, studies or market research
  • Keep track of question codes and descriptions by adding your codebook
  • Easily manage different labels or definitions per question, in one or multiple languages
  • Normalize, pivot or transform your data to enable question comparison in a single query
Tracking the answers of dozens of questions and sub questions is difficult to analyze. It requires a lot of number crunching to pivot your data or to filter it across respondent and question attributes. Once your survey data is connected in Geniefacts, you can:
  • Compare questions and sub question in the same chart
  • Associate custom formatting with specific questions or answers
  • Filter a chart by different question labels or codes
  • Use animated widgets to create beautiful infographics that visualize your survey results
No longer send or receive survey results or study reports in separate spreadsheets and e-mails! It gets very hard to understand changes made, track questions labels and manage version updates. Changes in the source data often result in rework in the result analysis. That is something we solved with Geniefacts.
  • Allow your audience to explore your survey or study results with beautiful visualizations in an interactive way
  • Provide access to the underlying data, from a single chart to an entire dashboard or report
  • Allow your audience to export data to Excel
  • Manage view and access settings by customer or colleague, keeping control of who can view or filter what exactly
Retail and FMCG
It's difficult to track the purchase behaviour of shoppers when data is collected at the different point of sales. There are also different sources to monitor product and category performance. Pluging in to each of those systems separately takes up a lot time, especially when you need to extract your data each time into big files for further analysis.
  • Consolidate separate Excel or CSV extracts, or skip them all together by pulling shopper data straight from the data source
  • Integrate data from external data providers like Nielsen or PlanetRetail
  • Combine market data with your own shopper or product data to compare and benchmark against competitors
Geniefacts makes it possible to aggregate transactional data across any type of analysis or KPI. Once your data is connected in Geniefacts, it's possible to combine different type of shopper data into one analysis. This enables you to create interactive dashboards that help you, your colleague or customer to
  • better understand your category and how you compare against your main competitors
  • analyze the success of new product launches or improvements in product packaging
  • measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns to better target shopper profiles
  • track purchase behaviour across different shopper KPIs
  • understand shopper segments across different product categories
No longer send or receive Excel reports with pre-defined views and insights on product performance or shopper behaviour. Impress your audience by transforming your raw data into rich visualizations that they can easily understand.
  • Provide unlimited access to your reports, or KPI dashboards with shopper insights
  • Organize your work by type of study or audience
  • Allow your audience to challenge insights by creating dynamic filters that allow them to look for answers across any shopper or product attribute
We can provide dedicated support and help you across different areas of your data and analytics project
Data and requirements audit
Before starting your project it's often helpful to assess what you need to get up and running. When you don't know where or how to begin, then we can help you get started. We will create a plan and roadmap based on the business needs of your stakeholders.
Data preparation
While it's easy to connect your data in Geniefacts it might be harder to find or access them at work. We can help you map your data sources and make it available for you. This allows you to identify and connect the best data for your questions and analysis.
Analytics and visualizations
When you have a lot of data, then it's not always easy to know which data to track or which KPIs to measure. We can show with your data how to start. And when you don't find the time to create your reports or dashboards, then we can design them for you to start exploring straight away.
Many people are used to the Excel way of working.This requires a change in mindset and approach. Our on premise workshops will help you get started with learning how to connect and analyze the kind of data that you are used to. With Geniefacts you will get your work done a lot quicker.
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