Connect Analyze Distribute
Add different data sources
Select data from Excel and CSV files or easily connect to the database your company works with. We support multiple connections that include databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.
Update data when you want
Easily add new data into an existing dataset or report. Select new columns, rows or entire tables. We track changes automatically and keep your work up-to-date.
Combine disconnected data
Create meaningful relationships between disparate datasets with a simple click. Our data engine allows you to easily join different data sources yourself.
Transform data for better analysis
Correct inconsistent data to facilitate your analysis. You can structure your data, from correcting simple spelling mistakes to normalizing entire datasets.
Easy and intuitive interface
Measure, filter or pivot data across different data sources. Create advanced measures and formulas without a line of code or SQL syntax.
Beautiful data visualization
Create beautiful visualizations with personalized themes or customized charts to match your brand or customer preference.
Multi-level aggregation
Save the result set of a chart as raw data which you can re-use for more advanced calculations or simply for new charts on other dashboards.
Interactive presentation
No longer use PowerPoint to present your findings. Switch to the interactive presentation mode when you want to show your work.
Easy access
No need to configure servers or individual accounts. Enabling access to your team or a customer is as easy as sending a secure link with no limit on the number of people that can view your work.
Flexible scope control
You can manage settings per customer or colleague and easily disable access whenever you want. Now you can keep track of your shared work in a single place and control who can see what.
Manage distributed work
Make your analysis only once and apply dynamic filters to limit the scope of insights on your report. Showing more or less data is as simple as updating your preferred filters.
Export data and insights
Enable your colleagues or customers to save and export data from a chart or entire report to Excel. Or allow them to download one or multiple dashboards as a PDF or image for offline presentations and discussions.
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