Geniefacts helps you connect, analyze and distribute
your data in one single place
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Bring your data together and keep an overview in a single place
No longer access, explore and update disconnected spreadsheets and databases one by one. Geniefacts connects your data and keeps an unified view for any type of analysis.
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Explore and visualize your data exactly how you want
Identify trends, track KPIs or present insights. With Geniefacts you can create advanced reports, animated infographics or data driven presentations that help you tell the story behind your data.
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With Geniefacts you have a better channel to reach your team and customers
No longer send presentations or spreadsheets with raw data, complex formulas or static charts. Geniefacts makes it easy to provide and manage access, from raw data to data driven content and reports.
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Your company is in good company
Geniefacts made it much easier to identify trends from our yearly market survey. Now we have a single solution to connect and analyze our raw data input and present it in a way that our clients understand.
Steve Goossens, Senior Manager at Accenture
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